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WEB SCITEQ online control

WEB SCITEQ Windows software server ...

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X-ACT modular pressure

For pressure testing plastic pipes ...

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X-ACT BASE pressure test

The compact solution The BASE unit ...

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Wall thickness measurement

The smart design of the SCITEQ Wall ...

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Valve endurance tester VET

The SCITEQ valve endurance tester ( ...

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Universal testing machine – UTM

The SALT by SCITEQ SXW Universal Te ...

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Thermal cycling system TCA

The SCITEQ thermal cycling TCA open ...

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Rapid Crack Propagation tester

The SCITEQ Rapid Crack Propagation ...

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Point load tester

The SCITEQ Point Load tester is use ...

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Pendulum impact tester (Charpy or Izod)

The Charpy pendulum impact tester i ...

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PC SCITEQ software

SCITEQ’s own Windows based PC ...

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Parallel scratchier

The SCITEQ parallel scratchier is f ...

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