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SIGMA thermo tank

The compact design of the SIGMA the ...

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ECO-line thermo tanks 0 – 95 C

With the conditioning tank you get ...

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Laboratory Saw

The SCITEQ pipe saw is specially de ...

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Axial notch milling machine

The SCITEQ axial notching milling m ...

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End closure mounting / de-mounting machine – ECMM

The SCITEQ End Closure Mounting de- ...

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Parallel scratchier

SCITEQ’s high accuracy parall ...

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CNC copy milling machine

For preparing plastic pipe samples ...

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Laboratory freezer

The SCITEQ laboratory freezer gives ...

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Conditioning and cooling chamber

SCITEQ conditioning chamber is capa ...

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Laboratory heating oven

Ovens from SCITEQ are state-of-art ...

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Cone test method – slow crack growth

Cone test method for preparing pipe ...

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Laboratory granulator

The SCITEQ laboratory granulator is ...

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