Axial notch milling machine

The SCITEQ axial notching milling machine with a precision second to none.

For preparing pipe samples for the notched stress crack resistance test at a specified temperature (test method for slow crack growth on notched pipes (notch test)). The application is for testing stress crack resistance on PE pipes at 800C +/- 10C.

Product highlights

  • High precision
  • Automatic centering and clamping
  • Easy to adjust acc. pipe sizes from DN40-630
  • Automatic computing of the zero point of each milling
  • Safe and intuitive operation
  • Extremely durable design


The SCITEQ notch miller performs the notch automatically according to the predefined recipe, with an angle of 60 degree and at a speed of up to 150 mm per minute at a speed of up to 150 mm per minute at a controlled depth in the pipe wall. The user-friendly interface ensures reliable results in every automatic milling process, while helping to save preparation time considerably, thus optimizing test procedures.

The machine is constructed to perform a notch at 60 degree angle. Milling tool dimensions Ø76.2 x 12.5 x 25.4 mm double right angle milling cut at 700 rpm.

Easy adjustment

The SCITEQ notch miller is easy adjustable for pipe dimensions from DN 40 to DN630mm. Simply type in the SDR class and length of pipe and adjust the paralleled adaptor board. The pipe rotator automatically centers and turns pipe 90° for optimal precision of the notches. The solution also ensures correct cutting depth even in case of pipe ovality.

Safe and reliable

The cut is safely initiated from the remote control starting the milling process by moving the cutter up from underneath the pipe sample, ensuring a safe and reliable milling procedure. Any direct access to the cutter during operation is prevented. Build-in suction box removes swarf ensuring a harzard free environment and low maintenance of the machine itself.

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

Associated equipment to the Axial notch milling machine

Associated equipment





Pipe Outer dimension range:

OD 40-630 mm

Wall thickness range:

Min: 5 / Max:100 mm.

Pipe length:

Min. 400- max. 1900 mm

Maximum milling notch length:

650 mm at full depth

Rotation speed of miller 50 Hz [RPM]:

700 (Adjustable from touch screen)

Accuracy of milling depth:

Within 0,2 mm.

Accuracy of milling length:

Within 1 mm.

External dimension:

3019 x 1450 x 2481 mm (LxWxH)


Approx: 900 kgs.

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