SIGMA High Pressure Test system

The SIGMA High pressure test system is designed for determining the resistance to high internal pressures on reinforced pipes, fittings and any other application requiring high pressure testing up to 1500 bar/ 21.750 psi with an unparalleled transmitter accuracy of 0,5%.

This unique system offers a second-to-none pressure regulation accuracy at high pressures up to 1500 bar/21.750 psi. The system consists of modular airless pressure modules designed to fit into a compact standard cabinet. The modularity enables easy extension with up to a total of 15 high pressure stations in one cabinet. The solution complies with the standards ISO 1167, EN 12 293 ASTM, D1598  and ASTM D 1599 and equivalent.

Product highlights

  • 5, 10 or 15 individual stations
  • pressure up to 0-1500bar/21.750 psi
  • flow up to 8,5 l/min
  • transmitter accuracy 0,5 %
  • most accurate high pressure test system on the market
  • expandable & future-proof solution
  • intuitive browser based interface

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Up to 1500 bar

The unique SIGMA software & valve solution enables stable and linear high pressure regulation. 50+ years of research & experience supplying high-end test equipment worldwide is brought to use in this unique & proven technology – guaranteeing you can perform high pressure testing up to 1500 bar/21.750 psi.

Up to 15 stations         

The system consists of modular airless pressure modules designed to fit into a compact standard cabinet. The cabinet can be installed with 5, 10 or 15 independently operating pressure stations up to 1500 bar/ 21.750 psi and 8,5 l/m per station. The modularity enables easy extension with 5 station per module – up to a total of 15 high pressure stations. 

Modular solution

One cabinet can contain up to 15 High Pressure stations delivering a flow of max. 8,5 liters per minute can be installed in one cabinet. SIGMA is a closed-loop airless system allowing you to seamlessly run both static, step and burst tests according to the relevant/given international standards.

Static, Burst & Step test         

SIGMA high pressure test solution determines the resistance (both long term and short term) to internal pressure on thermoplastic pipes, fittings and assemblies for conveyance of fluids. The system offers a test solution complying with the standards ISO 1167, EN 12 293 ASTM, D1598  and ASTM D 1599 and equivalent. The system can be configured to perform both Static, Burst and Step test.

Accuracy second-to-none

SCITEQ has developed a unique proportional valve solution ensuring high pressures are maintained with unparalleled accuracy even when testing at high pressures up to 1500 bar /21.750 psi. Static, burst and cyclic testing can all be accommodated. This built-in precision valve ensures precise pressure control and the most stable and linear pressure regulation in the market.


The built-in alarm light visually alerts the operator instantly in case of irregularities in the ongoing test.


The browser-based SIGMA software is accessible from any device – any time, anywhere. The advantages are among others:

    • 4 different user levels
    • Easy recipe set-up
    • Dynamically adjusted real-time finish time
    • Multiple simultaneous users
    • Multiple specimen test per station
    • SQL database compatible with all server types
    • IoT, OPC UA enabled

    The fast and extremely easy to use interface enables easy operation and control of few as well as many simultaneous pressures tests with features such as dynamically adjusted finish time, full station overview and click less maneuvering.

    Recipes are quickly set-up, saving time when starting up a new test (diameter) as well as repeating saved test parameters. Up to four different user-levels from Basic to Advanced, ensuring not only easy operation, but also offering simultaneous ‘view-only’ access for your interested partners and clients.

    For more information and technical specifications about the SIGMA high pressure pipe testing solution please go to SIGMA software.

    Data & report

    Reports can be configured to include all data or selected data. Tick boxes from the top menu to choose the data you wish to include.
    The Test Data can be shown in different languages and units of measure.

    Associated equipment to the SIGMA high pressure test system.

    Standards high pressure test system complies with:




    0-500 bar regulated pressure output
    500-1000 bar regulated pressure output
    1000-1500 bar regulated pressure output

    Flow per station:

    Max. flow 8,5 l/min


    5, 10 or 15 high pressure stations

    Electrical supply:

    3 phase 200-240V, 50/60 Hz OR 3 phase 380-400V, 50/60 Hz

    Water supply:

    mains water supply, 2-6 bar


    lead to gravity fed waste water


    1504 x1214x1923mm (WxDxH)


    Depends on no. of pressure stations, approx. 1300 kgs

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