ECO line Internal Pressure Test

For internal hydrostatic pressure test of plastic pipes and fittings in PE, PEX, PVC, PP, PB etc., glass fibre pipes, tubes and hoses. ECO line pressure test is suitable for a large scope of internal pressure testing scenarios and complies with numerous testing national standards.  The system consists of modular airless pressure modules designed to fit into an elegant standard cabinet with a compact footprint. The modularity enables easy configuration and extension of existing pressure cabinets, allowing for fast and eco-friendly expansions of your test capacity. The solution complies with the standards ISO 1167, EN 12 293 ASTM, D1598  and ASTM D 1599 and equivalent.

Product highlights

  • optimal precision
  • unique eco-profile due to long lifetime and minimal consumption
  • user-friendly control interface
  • easy recipe and report generation
  • cost efficient easy-expansion

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ECO line hydrostatic pressure test solution determines the resistance (both long term and short term) to internal pressure on thermoplastic pipes, fittings and assemblies for conveyance of fluids.
The product design complies with following pipe diameter configurations:

Up to Ø800 [mm] pipe diameter in long term test, provided the total volume expansion of the test specimen until pressure set point is reached is less than 120dm3 within 1 hour from test startup (max. allowed pressuring time is 1 hour according to ISO1167 and max. flow rate pr. SUB station is 2l/min)

Up to Ø315 [mm] pipe diameter in short term test, provided the total volume expanding until fracture (burst) is less than 10.5dm3 within 70 seconds from test startup (max. allowed pressuring time is 70s according to ASTM D1599 and max. flow rate in a BURST station is 9l/min)

ECO line PowerPack module

Pressure source feed to all ECO line SUB modules. Various models available incl./excl. output for optional BURST modules. With built-in high pressure pump and 10 micron inlet filter.

  • Max. 100 or 160 bar regulated pressure output.
  • Max. 200bar unregulated output (optional)
  • Max. flow: 17 l/min.


ECO line SUB modules          

Provides 5 or 10 independently operating pressure stations up to max. 100 or 160 bar. Semi-automatic individual pressure transmitter calibration through integrated main transmitter is optional. Built-in fast reacting valves for precise pressure control.

  • Max. 100 or 160 bar regulated pressure  output
  • Max. flow per station: 2 l/min.


ECO line BURST module

Provides one linear burst pressure station up to max. 200bar within 60-70 seconds. Built-in fast reacting high flow and pressure valves for fast and precise pressure control. Requires PowerPack module with output for BURST module.

  • Max. 200bar regulated pressure output
  • Max. flow: 15l/min.


ECO line HCP3 module

Provides three independently high volume operating pressure stations up to max. 100bar regulated pressure output. Built-in fast reacting valves for precise pressure control.

  • 3 individual stations
  • Max. 100bar
  • Max. flow: 15 l/min


    DPCS – Dynamic Pressure Control System

    SCITEQ’s intelligent Dynamic Pressure Control System ensures that test pressures are maintained with unparalleled accuracy no matter what size sample is connected to the system. Static, burst and step testing can all be accommodated.

    Flow per station: max. flow 2 l/min (max. flow 9 l/min for burst). For other valve flow and power pack flow configurations, refer to the SCITEQ HCP solutions.


    The intuitive ECO controller software advantages are among others:

      • Browser based interface
      • Easy accessible real time data viewer
      • Multiple search and filtering options
      • fast & easy test setup
      • Multiple language options
      • Multiple specimen test per station
      • SQL database compatible with all server types

      The intuitive and easy to use interface enables fast operation and control of few as well as many simultaneous pressures tests with features such as full station overview and real time data viewer. Test data can be extracted to pdf. an csv. files and when your test is completed you can export the test data to csv, PDF or directly to your database by SQL

      For more information and technical specifications about the ECO line pipe pressure test please go to ECO line software or check the brochure below.

      ECO line FIVE for small layouts

      ECO line FIVE is the compact plug and play test unit with five fixed individual pressure stations ideal for smaller layouts. Incl. DPC system and ABX valves ensures consistent and unparalleled pressure accuracy.

      Associated equipment to the ECO line hydrostatic pressure test

      Associated equipment

      Standards hydrostatic pressure test equipment complies with:




      Up to 100 or 160 bar regulated pressure output
      Up to 200 bar unregulated output (burst)

      Flow per station:

      Max. flow 2 l/min (max. flow 9 l/min for burst)


      40 pressure stations (up to 60 stations on request)

      Electrical supply:

      3 phase 380-400Vac + N + PE, 16amps

      Water supply:

      mains water supply, 2-6 bar


      lead to gravity fed waste water


      908x800x1805mm (LxWxH)


      Depends on no. of pressure stations, approx. 400 kgs

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      There are numerous international standards referring to testing. We supply testing equipment to fulfill any national and international testing standard within our field of business. In case you do not find the standard you are looking for in the below list, please contact us for further information


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