Pressure testing of hydrogen storage vessels.

The quality validation testing process for hydrogen vessels and tanks plays a important role in minimizing the inherent risks associated with hydrogen storage, given the highly flammable and potentially dangerous nature of the gas. The primary focus is on assuring the tanks’ structural quality to prevent leakage, ruptures, or other failures that could result in accidents, explosions, or fires. Adherence to established industry standards and regulations, is imperative to affirm the secure utilization of hydrogen storage systems.

SCITEQ testing systems offers various tests systems and equipment in compliance with international standards.

Burst Testing of Hydrogen Vessels

Burst and/or fatigue testing is performed with water. This test is often performed as a pre-production test to meet safety and quality standards. The vessel or specimen is filled with water and pressurized untill bursting. The pressure ramp is controlled by the SIGMA software ensuring accuracy and valid test data analysis. The pressure range for the SCITEQ standard test system is up to 200 bar/ 2900 psi with a flow of up to 15 liters per minute. The unique software & intelligent dynamic regulation ensures the most stable and linear pressure regulation in the market.

Product highlights

  • for short test term and burst test
  • Fully automatic recipe based test
  • Up to 200 bar/ 2900 psi
  • Flow max. 15 L/min.

Learn more about SCITEQ BurstOne test unit.

High Pressure Testing of Hydrogen Vessels

For pressure testing at up to 1500 bar/21.750 pressures SCITEQ has developed the SIGMA High Pressure test system, offering an unparalleled accuracy of 0,5%.

The SIGMA High pressure test system is designed for determining the resistance to high internal pressures on reinforced pipes, hydrogen vessels and components requiring high pressure testing up to 1500 bar/ 21.750 psi.

This unique system offers a second-to-none pressure regulation accuracy at high pressures up to 1500 bar/21.750 psi. The system consists of modular airless pressure modules available in 1, 5, 10 up to 15 high pressure stations in one cabinet. 

Product highlights

  • 5, 10 or 15 individual stations
  • pressure up to 0-1500bar/21.750 psi
  • flow up to 8,5 l/min
  • transmitter accuracy 0,5 %
  • intuitive browser based interface

Learn more about SCITEQ High pressure testing

Cyclic Pressure Test of Hydrogen Vessels

The cyclic test is conducted to replicate the standard lifespan of an object. In the case of a Hydrogen storage tank, the procedure involves filling the vessel with a fluid and applying pressure, followed by an emptying phase that simulates gas consumption. This repetitive cycle, performed thousands of times, serves to emulate the vessel’s long-term usage. Throughout these cycles, critical parameters such as temperature, tank deformation, and potential leakage are monitored to assess the enduring performance over time.

The unique and advanced open-loop system of the SCITEQ Cyclic Pressure Testing System providies pressure cycles in the range from 2-100 bar with accuracy ≤ ± 1 bar of set pressure.

Product highlights:

  • Up to 60 cycles under 1 minute
  • stand-alone system with pressure source, individual pressure stations and control system
  • “valveless” system and the
  • state-of-the-art water hydraulic components
  • airless pressure testing equipment



Learn more about SCITEQ Quality testing

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