Article in Pipe and Profile Extrusion Oct. 2020.

SCITEQ of Denmark has developed its Sigma impact tester specifically for plastic pipe producers. The test unit is intended for use in a production environment, with an emphasis on ease and  speed of use, low maintenance and safety, says the company.

The design allows for safe staircase and round­ the-clock tests of pipe diameters from 20mm up to 2000mm complying with ISO 3127, EN 744, EN 1411 and ASTM D 2444 and equivalent, it says.

Being equipped with a closed vacuum loop enables fast repeat of tests as well as safe, precise adjustment. The system has built-in impact speed measurement to prove the falling velocity of each test. Weights can be exchanged in seconds and all parameters are easily selected via the control panel.

Its Sigma software is intuitive  and easy to  use, while making sure the testing is done correct and according to the different standards. The unit is controlled via a user-friendly interface run from any browser-enabled device (such as a laptop or smartphone). There are four different user levels, enabling the main operator to pre-program test recipes for all users. Drop height, impact quantity and drop weight are entered in the recipe before use. It combines accurate measurement of drop speed with a resolution in microseconds and automatic calculation of HSO and TIR.

A test sample is placed on the V-block, the chamber is closed and the test is initiated from the Sigma UI. Inside the falling tube, the striker is lifted into place by the vacuum system. The frictionless environment inside the falling tube ensures accurate results and fewer mechanical parts to maintain, says SCITEQ.

On impact, the striker is immediately lifted by the vacuum system, ensuring no double bouncing.

The system auto-calibrates at start-up for a reliable, repeatable performance. To prove each test, the impact speed monitoring system provides all the information needed, including the speed of the striker.

The device is equipped with a range of safety features that prevent a release of the impact weight unless the doors are closed. When performing round-the-clock repeat tests, the striker weight can be locked in its safety position in the top of the tube, allowing the operator to turn the sample easily, before repeating the test.

SCITEQ’s SIGMA impact tester is intended for use in production environments

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Visit the for more information about the full range of testing equipment for pipe and fittings. For a closer look at the SIGMA impact tester a visit to the is recommendable, here you will find a 360 degrees view of product range of test equipment in 3D and video.

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