New development by SCITEQ is launched

The new SIGMA High Pressure test system offers high pressure testing of pipes and fittings at up to 1500 bar/21.750 psi with an unprecedented accuracy. The system is designed for determining the resistance to high internal pressures on pipes, fittings and any other application requiring high pressure testing up to 1500 bar with an unparalleled accuracy of 0,5%.

Why high pressures?… It’s thanks to our customers

Our in-house development team has been working on the design of this unique solution since 2019. It’s thanks to our customers that the idea came to life. When we are asked to look at new pressure test challenges – in this case a solution exposing pipe samples to high pressures with a certain tolerance, we go to work. Dennis Damborg, SCITEQ CEO states “We are introducing this high Pressure system to the market, because we have seen an increase in the demand for test equipment performing high pressure testing. Requests comes from both the plastic pipe industry looking for test systems for both metallic and non-metallic reinforced pipes as well as cobber pipes and fittings and other metallic samples.

Modular solution – fitting any need
The system consists of modular airless pressure modules designed to fit into a compact standard cabinet. The modularity enables easy extension with up to a total of 15 high pressure stations in one cabinet. The solution complies with the standards ISO 1167, EN 12 293, ASTM D1598 and ASTM D1599, API 15S and equivalent.

Accuracy second-to-none

SCITEQ has developed a unique proportional valve solution ensuring high pressures are maintained with unparalleled accuracy even when testing at high pressures up to 1500 bar. Static, burst and cyclic testing can all be accommodated. The system offers precise pressure control via the user-friendly browser based software offering the most stable and linear pressure regulation in the market.


How SIGMA High Pressure is (already) put to work by our customers

Test institute chose SIGMA High Pressure system

The Korean test institute installed the new SIGMA High Pressure system and is now ready to offer customers such as pipe and fittings manufacturers pressure testing at high pressures.

High pressure tests are performed according to ISO 1167 on for example glass fibre reinforced pipes. The modularity of the SIGMA system is a huge advantage for test institutes as it allows for quick and cost efficient expansion of the test unit by simply adding pressure modules configured for the specific test need.

Another useful feature is the add-on camera function monitoring tests real-time enabling video recording of ongoing tests for further support of the test rapport.



UK manufacturer is testing with SIGMA High Pressure system


At one of the market leading innovators and manufacturer of high quality metal fittings and valves, the SIGMA High pressure system was recently installed.

Testing metal fittings and valves requires high precision testing at high internal pressures for both R&D and batch release testing according to a.o UL 207 and ISO 14 903.

The SIGMA software enables quick and safe remote control. The browser based UI offers a recipe system and a report generator for easy processing of test data, also enabling data to be extracted by OPC UA.


Learn more about SIGMA High Pressure
Visit the for more information about the full range of testing equipment for pipe and fittings. For a closer look at the SIGMA High Pressure test system visit the Here you will find a 360 degrees view of the system in 3D and video.

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