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Article in Pipe & Profile May 2021

Pipe extrusion is about more than just high volume, as the product must be tested for a range of physical attributes – both during and after production.

Extruded pipe may be coming off the line at the right speed, but this is only part of the equation that determines whether the product is being made successfully. As well as adhering to strict dimensions and properties, the finished product must also be physically tested according to specific guidelines. US-based plastic pipe testing laboratory PSILab recently installed new Sigma equipment from Sciteq of Denmark – which it says gives it more scalability and accuracy in the quality approvals process. Sciteq’s Sigma equipment allows hydrostatic pressure testing of a range of pipe. The modular pressure series uses a dynamic control pressure system (DCPS). DCPS controls pressure inlet flow using two solenoid valves in series, rather than a single valve. This boosts high flow into the pipe at the start of the test – using one valve – and later decreases the flow by using both valves. Every pressure increase is then regulated in fine increments until the set pressure is reached. “With this technology, we are able to deliver versatile pressure test equipment,” said Thomas Gedsig Nielsen, technical manager at Sciteq.


The Sigma system is controlled via intuitive browser-based control software, which can be operated from any browser-enabled device.

He says that the system is flexible enough to test a wide variety of pipe materials and sizes with differing internal pressures. “We often see small, brittle samples – where even the slightest overshoot can cause a failed test, because it is tested on the same pressure rig as larger samples.”

This means that labs are often caught in a dilemma, he says: they must be able to use the same equipment for both high and low pressure, while ensuring high control accuracy – yet still be able to test at both high and low flow supply. he Sigma pressure test series comprises a cabinet installed with up to five drawers, configured to customer needs. These include: Up to 50 pressure test stations for 0-160 bar and with 2l/m flow. These cover a large pressure spectrum and have a control accuracy better that +/- 1% of set pressure; Burst modules, which is the high flow high pressure end of the spectrum, with 8l/m, or 15l/m
and up to 200 bar; and, HCP modules, which are for high volume, high control accuracy and medium pressure. These deliver up to 100 bar and 15l/m flow.
Steve Ferry, president of PSILab, said: “From cell classification testing to pipe stiffness, and hydrostatic pressure testing to elevated temperature testing, Sciteq’s equipment helps us get the work done efficiently, accurately, and safely.”

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