We are very pleased to introduce SCITEQ Leasing – now available in more than 32 countries globally.

With a SCITEQ leasing solution you gain access to our newest high quality test equipment, as well as annual service, access to SCITEQ hotline and free software updates when applicable, without the usual investment requirements.

At the end of the leasing period you can either purchase the equipment at residual value, or chose to exchange the equipment to brand new, latest generation equipment, delivered and installed on a new leasing agreement.

SCITEQ will, in the latter case, handle the whole process including removing existing and installing new equipment. Read on and learn more about the advantages with a SCITEQ leasing solution.

Three key advantages with a SCITEQ leasing solution

Helping you to maintain strong liquidity

With a leasing solution you are considering company equity and strengthening your credit rating towards your own bank,
as high quality testing equipment come at a cost. It will cost you liquidity or potentially time consuming negotiations
regarding bank loans or supplier credit. By choosing a SCITEQ leasing solution your balance sheet will remain unaffected,
as the equipment remain the property of the leasing company. You get access to SCITEQ´s most advanced technology
within testing equipment, without compromising company key figures and ratings.

Improved planning

Leasing of SCITEQ´s innovative testing equipment is smart business. You do not start paying anything for the solution,
until it starts generating value to your company. No high acquisition costs that needs to be covered over time, but instead
you pay as you earn. Furthermore you have the advantage of improved planning. The fixed monthly leasing costs ensures
accurate and reliable budgets.

Reduced downtime through service

With a SCITEQ leasing solution, you can select to receive one annual service visit within the agreement period, including
costs for labor, relevant software updates, calibration, and training of operating staff, as well as free technical support
from SCITEQ helpdesk within normal office hours. Furthermore, repairs on the product related to malfunction of parts not caused by harmful use or normal wear and tear, is of course included.

Contact us for further information. We are happy to show you some examples.

When leasing your test equipment, you will have a fixed monthly cost ensuring reliable budgets.

Thomas S. Klausen, SCITEQ CEO



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