Return On Investment

SCITEQ's high-tech online measuring system - the X-ACT measuring system series - is especially developed for the plastic pipe extrusion industry. The X-ACT machine offers several advantages one of them being the ability to save on raw material consumption, thus making significant savings on the production itself.

When investing in process control equipment like our X-ACT or our adjustable calibrating sleeves, SCITEQ offers to do Return on Investment calculations on behalf of our customers. We assist in measuring the profitability of an investment and make a calculation based on key factors to clarify what the expected ROI will be. These calculations are typically based on real figures of extruder output, knowledge of material price, and tolerance values. Often it turns out that payback time is actually less than 1 year.

Payback time - less than 1 year

For instance, on production lines producing plastic pipes with multi-layers or a max. wall thickness of Ø75mm, we can estimate and calculate the payback time based on the following basic figures:

  • Extruder output in kg/hour
  • Raw material price per kg (typically an average of worldwide standard prices based on the past 3-4 months)
  • Working days 230 days per year, run time 24 hours per day.

Other advantages that can be calculated to be included in payback time is i.e. start-up cost which can be reduced dramatically, as you can quickly change centring of the tool. The X-ACT machines measure both OD and ID on top of wall thickness, which is a feature second to none. Using this unique feature you can save days of operation getting the pipes on spec. based on our experience.

Advantages of our high-tech online measuring system - the X-ACT - developed especially for the pipe extrusion industry:

Return On Investment - 1

Further, downtime can also be reduced once a "closed loop" is fully integrated. Other variables that will effect and increase productivity of the production line are for instance controlling haul-off speed, thermal centration, outer diameter with our adjustable calibrators etc. are not taken into account.

Return On Investment - 2

By introducing financing, we can increase ROI up to or more than 5 times per year.

Return On Investment - 3

Please see "Online quality control" for more detailed technical information on our X-ACT online measuring systems and our adjustable calibrating sleeves.