At SCITEQ we see ourselves as solution providers - we take pride in supplying the right solution in all aspects to our customers. We consider financing an integrated part of being a solution provider. This kind of financing is typically relevant in negotiation on large projects. In case of minor projects involving single or few item products normal commercial terms are agreed upon.

As Denmark and Scandinavia in general are currently considered a "safe haven" in a turbulent European economy, we have some tools in our sales department with which we are able to assist in finding the best solution on payment transactions between our customers and SCITEQ. By means of the organisation EKF which is Denmark's official export credit agency we are able to make it possible and attractive for our customers abroad to buy products and services from Denmark.

Financing in this way is a fairly comprehensive matter involving several steps and parties. Therefore, the possibility of financing will be evaluated and planed from case-to-case. Each financing agreement is tailored to each specific customer agreement as we are focused on providing solutions tailored to our customer's specific company requirements. You can have a short introduction to EKF & SCITEQ finansial solution here:






Financing is typically relevant in case of large projects requiring considerable investment:













Please contact us for further information on our options for offering an appropriate financing solution to your projects.