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SCITEQ laboratory weight

For general use in laboratories. A supplementary unit for performing MFR, carbon black content tests, OIT, apparent density etc. For tests requiring high precision weighing.


  • high accuracy    
  • user-friendly
  • robust and sturdy metal housing
  • all round laboratory usage

Technical specifications:

Laboratory weight range: 0,001g/320g // 0,001g/620g //  0,01g/4200g // 0,1g/8200g // 0,1g/12200g
Measuring range: up to max 12200 g (depending on model)
Readout d: 0,1 g
Reproducibility: 0,1 g
Linearity: ± 0,1 g
Stabilisation time s: 2 s
Temp. sensitivity °C: 2*10^-6
Ambient temp.: 10°C - 30°C
Min. piece weight: 100 mg (at counting)
Weighing units: a wide selection is available
Casing material: metal
Dimensions weighing plate: 200x200mm (WxD)
Dimensions: depending on model
Weight: depending on model


Associated equipment:

apparent density/bulk density apparatus | carbon black tester | DSC analyser

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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SCITEQ laboratory weight