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For performing sinusoidal and trapezoidal pressure curves at a speed up to 1Hz cycle time in pipe samples and fittings. The cylinder piston movement forces water through and out of the connected samples performing Trapezoidal and Sinusoidal pressure curves. Up to three samples can be tested simultaneously depended on size, material and length.

The heart of the SCITEQ dynamic pressure testing system is a large capacity hydraulic cylinder piston which is driven by ball screw via a servo drive; this provides positive closed loop control of the pressure. With this system sinusoidal and trapezoidal tests can be performed up to 1Hz cycle time!

There are individual cycle counts for each sample. The system controls and monitors test parameters and provides warnings and in appropriate cases system shut down when parameters are exceeded. Full data logging of the test is supplied as standard. Up to three samples can be connected at one time, which all experience the same test conditions.


  • unique features
  • flexible test setup
  • touch screen solution
  • high test accuracy

Technical specifications:

Output: 0,5 up to 60 bar
Flow per station: Max. flow 2 l/min (max. flow 9 l/min for burst)
Capacity: 40 pressure stations (up to 60 stations on request)
Electrical supply: 3x380-400Vac + N + PE, 50 Hz,16amps
Air supply: min. 5 bar
Water supply: mains water supply, 2-6 bar
Drain: lead to gravity fed waste water
Dimensions: 800x800x2110mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 300 kgs


Associated equipment:

Thermo tank | end closures | end closure mounting machine | PC software |  laboratory saw

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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