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SCITEQ X-ACT pressure

For pressure testing plastic pipes and fittings in PE, PEX, PVC, PP, PB etc., glass fibre pipes, tubes and hoses. The system is a modular airless pressure testing system with unparalleled accuracy no matter what size sample is connected to the system. One cabinet contains up to 40 (up to 60 on request) individual pressure stations.

With the development of the X-ACT series, SCITEQ takes airless pressure testing to an even higher level with our latest elegant cabinet design and colour panel S40 controller. SCITEQ offers a high-tech small footprint solution to large numbers of test samples while keeping the benefits of modular construction. A further significant advantage is the low energy consumption of this system.

The PowerPack pressure module uses a high pressure axial piston water hydraulic pump and a 4 litre pressure reservoir to ensure maximum capacity at all times.
The SUB pressure station modules incorporate specially designed high pressure valves for unbeaten independent pressure control of each pressure station.
The BURST pressure station modules incorporate specially designed high flow and pressure valves and special dynamic software control for linear pressure increase.
The CYCLIC modules use fast reacting high flow valve and pressure regulators to perform "saw tooth" pressure testing at 1 Hz.


  • high accuracy pressure control
  • high level dynamic control
  • online support via safe internet connection
  • low energy consumption
  • easily accessible service components
  • unique design
  • flexible and modular construction
  • graphic overview of pressure stations 

Technical specifications:

Output: Up to 100 or 160 bar regulated pressure output
Up to 200 bar unregulated output (burst)
Flow per station: Max. flow 2 l/min (max. flow 9 l/min for burst)
Capacity: 40 pressure stations (up to 60 stations on request)
Electrical supply: 3 phase 380-400Vac + N + PE, 16amps
Water supply: mains water supply, 2-6 bar
Drain: lead to gravity fed waste water
Dimensions: 908x800x1805mm (LxWxH)
Weight: Depends on no. of pressure stations, approx. 400 kgs

Associated equipment:

Thermo tank | end closures | end closure mounting machine | PC software | laboratory saw

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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