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SCITEQ universal testing machine

The 'SALT by SCITEQ' SCT series electric motor Universal Material Testing Machine (UTM) combines high performance, unique design and ease of use. Ideal for testing applications up to 300000N / 300kN. Designed equally for routine quality control testing and for performing complex multi-stage tests. Complies with international standards.

The SCT series are run with an LCD high resolution controller, incorporating latest technology for highly accurate load measurement and rapid data acquisition. 

The high stiffness frame delivers a guidance and force system with use of high quality components, such as Mitsubishi servo motors, Motovario gears from Italy, and Japanese or German ball screws as standard components. We use only the highest quality components ensuring best market performance.

Software made for the SCT series enables users to know intrinsic characteristics of various materials, such as stress, strain, modulus, yield point, etc. that become the main measure of material property tests and material property such as tensile, compression, bend, flaking, repetition and maintenance test.



  • high accuracy equipment
  • user friendly
  • superior software package
  • many accessories
  • solid construction
  • multi-functional

Technical specifications:

Force range: models: 10kN, 20kN, 30kN, 50kN, 100kN, 200kN and 300kN. Each of them available in an extended version
Crosshead speed: 0.01 to 500mm/min
Speed accuracy: < 0.5%
Load cell accuracy: ± 0.5% of reading
Software: software for tensile, compression, flaking, repetition, maintenance and bending incl.
Electrical supply: 220Vac, 50, 60Hz, 3 phase
Dimensions: dependant on model
Weight: dependant on model
Accessories: load cells, peel grips, rectangular and circular compression platens, extensometer and various solutions for test of physical characteristics of various materials and products


Associated equipment:

Copy milling machine | laboratory saw

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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