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SCITEQ X-ACT (X-ACT 200 and X-ACT 450)

Multi-layer or single layer pipe on-line measurement. SCITEQ-X-ACT uses advanced x-ray scanning technology to measure single layer or multi-layer pipes on-line. The unique and patented technique provides accurate measurement of individual layer thicknesses, densities and ovality of most multi-layer pipe constructions.

The measurement technique is non-destructive and completely temperature independent. The unit can be used on or off line; it can even be moved from one line to another without having to stop the extrusion process thanks to its innovative mechanical construction. The X-ACT offers numerous advantages among others:

  • pay back time less than a year for the investment
  • substantial material savings
  • increase in production capacity
  • avoid loss of operating margin due to standstill


  • absolute measurement
  • no calibration
  • material savings
  • non-temperature dependant
  • patented design
  • pipe ovality
  • low operating cost

Technical specifications:

Available models: X-ACT 200 (pipe dim. Ø32-Ø200mm)
X-ACT 450 (pipe dim. Ø32-Ø450mm)
Pipe diameter range: 2-15 sec. depending on pipe dimension
Scanning times: better than 0.05 mm (standard deviation)
Measurement accuracy: wall thickness of each layer
Measurement results: wall thickness of each layer
density of each layer
layer ovality
inner diameter
outer diameter
total pipe ovality
Density difference: 0,2g/cm3 (required to measure individual layers)
Touch panel: 15" graphic operator interface
Electrical supply: 3 x 400V + N + PE 50 Hz
Dimensions: dependant on X-ACT model
Weight: dependant on X-ACT model


Return on Investment:

When investing in process control equipment like the X-ACT system or our adjustable calibrating sleeves, SCITEQ offers to do Return on Investment calculations on behalf of our customers. We assist in measuring the profitability of the investment and make a calculation based on key factors to clarify what the expected ROI will be. These calculations are typically based on real figures of extruder output, knowledge of material price, and tolerance values. Often it turns out that payback time is actually less than 1 year. For more information please see "Sales"

Engineered solutions

SCITEQ supplies engineered solutions within X-ray technology and we are able to offer measuring systems for special applications - we are able to measure dimensions that no one else on the market can!

Our X-ACT measuring systems are highly advanced systems and state-of-the art technology and it is our experience that at the start of any project certain important parameters need to be established to accurately specify system requirements. Therefore, please contact SCITEQ in order for us to tailor the perfect solution for you.

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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