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SCITEQ adjustable calibrating sleeves

The SCITEQ adjustable calibrating sleeve is a tool that optimises plastic pipe production. The pipe diameter can be easily controlled and varied with a high degree of accuracy, all while maintaining roundness. By using the calibrating sleeve it is possible to increase both speed and efficiency without compromising on quality.

The calibrating sleeve ensures an excellent surface of the extruded plastic pipe. The sleeve is the most reliable and simplest tool on the market for calibrating plastic pipes online. One calibrating sleeve for one specific pipe diameter covers all wall thicknesses/pressure classes. Another special feature is the fact that conventional (fixed) calibrators can be converted into adjustable sleeves, thus obtaining all the advantages of the flexible sleeve solution.


  • optimisation of pipe production
  • significant raw material savings
  • all pressure classes / all wall thicknesses
  • robust construction up to Ø2500mm
  • patented design
  • easy adjustment during operation
  • high flexibility and accuracy
  • outer diameter adjustment

Technical specifications:

Diameter range: Ø14mm up to Ø2500mm
Material: aluminium bronze and stainless steel
Inlet: different inlets depending on plastic material (PP or PE)
Cooling: intensive cooling at inlet, water inlet/outlet, with/without pre-cooling
Conversion: conventional (fixed) calibrators can be converted into adjustable sleeves
Small pipe diameters: an extended calibrating sleeve is available for Ø14mm up to Ø63mm PE pipes for maintaining high speed/performance
Dimensions: dependant on plastic pipe material and diameter
Weight: dependant on plastic pipe material and diameter


Conventional calibrating sleeves:

Conventional calibrating sleeves also available please contact us for further information.

Return on Investment:

When investing in process control equipment like the X-ACT system or our adjustable calibrating sleeves, SCITEQ offers to do Return on Investment calculations on behalf of our customers. We assist in measuring the profitability of the investment and make a calculation based on key factors to clarify what the expected ROI will be. These calculations are typically based on real figures of extruder output, knowledge of material price, and tolerance values. Often it turns out that payback time is actually less than 1 year. For more information please see "Sales"

For more information and technical specifications please see the brochure.

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