NEW HCP solutions

With the new range in HCP, it is possible to perform Burst from 20 l/min to 100 l/min as standard range. This covers a large variety of samples and dimensions, and puts SCITEQ in a unique leadership position in large volume pressure testing.

The HCP range also features the DPCS system - Dynamic Pressure Control System - with double outlet valve control. This ensures precise pressure control without hammer effect when controlling pressures on any sample size, small, medium or big. The system has the service valve installed, which is adding the possibility of servicing a station without interrupting long-term pressure test samples. By using Accumulators on each station, the system ensures a precise and smooth pressure control (All unique SCITEQ features).

The SCITEQ microprocessor, has the SD RAM card back-up slot on all controllers, ensuring that all test setting data is saved and stored, no matter what happens. As a new feature, the HCP can be run and controlled via our new WEB / Cloud based software and database, enabling access from any device, handheld, lab-top, phone etc.

Special applications, and very large volume need up to 440 l/min can be offered on request.

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July 2017