Production of SCITEQ testing and control equipment takes place at the headquarters in Denmark. In our 3000 m² factory we produce SCITEQ equipment for more than 80 countries world wide.

We have a wide range of production machinery at our disposal such as lathering, milling, welding equipment etc. We focus totally on SCITEQ's own products and dedicate all our production machinery and manpower to this purpose.

Our extensive and many years experience with development, production, sale and service of quality control and testing equipment has given us the knowledge to make the right choice in combining quality materials and components. Through the right choice of material we ensure that no corrosion, galvanic corrosion, electrolysis or other material subversive forces will take place. Only the best quality materials are used. For instance the right choice of valves and transmitters is extremely vital for accuracy and stability during long term tests.

In case we use sub-contractors these are chosen carefully and evaluated to ensure they meet our tough requirements and high standards.

Production _Thermo Tank ECO Line _RCP_lab Saw

Production facilities at SCITEQ - work in progress - 
thermo tank ECO line, RCP tester and laboratory saw

Quality is of course of the essence at SCITEQ and therefore all equipment is rigorously tested and approved before being dispatched to our customers.

At SCITEQ we welcome existing and coming customers to visit us in Denmark and experience our well suited facilities for development and production of SCITEQ machines and equipment. It is possible to see our work in progress and visit our in-house showroom.